Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki, Japan

Rust Samurai

The final answer to rust.
The rust problem is fundamentally solved with a strong base material that goes beyond rust prevention.
Confront rust with amazing Japanese cutting edge nanotechnology.

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GAIA-intl Rust Samuri Image


Rust Samurai

Apply directly / No cleaning needed

Replacing rusty pipes? There is no need for that.

Try Rust Samurai instead. Just apply Rust Samurai and the rust is gone!

(Rust Samurai is a primer. it will be degraded by UV rays if it is not coated with paint for a final finish. For that we recommend GAINA which will provide UV protection, insulate and prevent condensation.)

No Problem

Rust hole?

No problem! Just coat the area inside the hole with Rust Samurai to prevent further rusting, then apply a patch of glass fiber or iron plate soaked in Rust Samurai over the rust hole.


(This method is not suitable for places where pressure is applied)


Primer (base material)

The nanoparticles wrap around the rust gap and solidify it. In addition to blocking oxygen, preventing the progress of rust, it also hardens and repairs cracks.